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We're looking for a software developer to join our team

Bloft Design Lab and ROMU are looking for a developer to join our mission of closing the plastic loop. Our solution includes all the phases of plastic recycling from collection to a new product, and in our team you would get your hands on the development of the newest technologies in plastic recycling. Our team members are passionate about circular economy, plastic, product design, 3d-printing and other cutting edge technology - if you are too, you might be the one we are looking for.

Your tasks would consist mainly of product development (e.g. our Mk2 3D printer and ROMUkoppa, a smart plastic sorting bin). You should have previous experience in embedded systems (e.g. sensor technology) and be familiar with C++ and Python. Personal interest and experience in open source software and app developing is a plus but not a must.

In the near future we have plans on piloting our new technology in the Helsinki capital area, and you would be able to see the results of your work in practice. Under this pilot, we would provide a project based compensation for your work. This post is non-fixed, project based and part-time - we can work it around your situation. Bloft Design Lab is a Metropolia-based startup founded in 2019 and has developed one of Europe’s largest 3D-printers, Mk2, that is the core of the envisioned hyper local plastic recycling solution. Together with the small plastic granulate extruder, that acts as the print head, Bloft has come up with a novel method for re-using crushed plastic.

ROMU is a startup in the Helsinki Think Company community since 2020, that focuses on making circular economy more approachable for the urban dweller, and piloted the smart plastic bin ROMUkoppa in 2021 in a mall in Helsinki. In our collaboration, ROMU takes care of the social side and Bloft handles the tech. Therefore, your contract would be under Bloft Design Lab. Bloft is located in Kera, Espoo, and you would work there or remotely.

We're looking forward to hearing from you by 31.3.2022. For more information and application contact Varpu Savolainen, +358 45 6071779.

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