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Join us on our mission to close the plastic loop

We set a tiny little target for the year 2022: We want to close the plastic loop.

Like many admirable goals, this as well is way easier said than done. Our Bloft Mk2 3D printer can use plastic waste as material, but the plastic has to go through quite a few steps from waste to a new 3D printed product. When we use plastic waste in printing the variations in quality need to be taken care of throughout the whole process. In plastic industry, the key problem with using recycled plastic is the dirt. Even a small amount of external material can disrupt the process. Our printing process is already optimized for quality variations, but in order to ensure the highest quality of the end product we want to minimize any potential setbacks. Like anything else in this world, reaching this goal doesn't come for free. The process involves several steps, each requiring a specialised machine.

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign on an impact-based Crowd for Impact -platform to raise funding for the necessary recycling machinery. A scanner would help us idenify the plastic types in the early stages and make it possible to keep the recycling process of different plastic sorts separate and thereby increase the quality of the end products. After shredding the plastic needs to be washed to, again, ensure the quality, and therefore we need to develop a washer. An extruder would make it possible to granulate the shredded, washed and dried plastic waste, and make it ready for printing.

You can now finally purchase our 3D printed SUP-board with your company brand on it. This is THE product to show your support to the cleaner, plastic-free environment.

Support our campaign here.

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