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Bloft Mk2 placed 2nd at the Hackaday Prize 2022

We are very pleased to announce that the Bloft Mk2 large-scale 3D printer reached the second place in the respected global Hackaday Prize 2022 which awards groundbreaking open-source innovation in the fields of hardware and electronics.

This year's competition asked for contributions that are inline with the United Nations Sustainable Development Structure Goals and that deliver solutions that address the most pressing issues our planet and the societies are facing today.

The challenge was divided into five different categories:

  • Planet-Friendly Power

  • Reuse, Recycle, Revamp

  • Hack It Back

  • Climate Resilient Communities

  • Save the World Wildcard

The Bloft Mk2 project seeks to deliver an open-source hardware solution for hyper local plastic waste upcycling. The core of the solution is the large-scale 3D printer with pellet extrusion capabilities which enable the use of shredded plastic flakes. Our goal is to deliver a turn-key solution to add value to plastic waste by 3D printing new products out of trash. Under optimum operational circumstances the system should be able to upcycle up to 20 tons of plastic each year.

We hope that by going open-source we can distribute the technology and form a large global network of plastic upcycling operators to make a true impact on plastic recycling!

Our BIG thank you goes to Hackaday, the sponsors of the competition Supplyframe and Digikey the open-source community and all supporters on our journey. And our special thanks goes to Torbjørn Ludvigsen for his work on the cable-driven parallel Hangprinter which the Bloft Mk2 is based on.

The prize will be put into further development of the printer in order to reach our goal of releasing it in 2024.

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